Psychological Intervention Therapy

Providing a diverse approach is needed to foster healthy emotions, attitudes and habits.

At some point in their lives many people need psychological support.

This might be triggered by stress or pressures of work, a family bereavement or a personal challenge to deal with certain issues.

Psychological therapy combines the scientific understanding of how our minds function, with the art of listening, and the art of counselling.

This therapeutic combination provides a powerful and effective supportive treatment.

I have successfully helped many couples, individuals, and families, with a wide variety of psychological needs.

Therapy sessions last between 50 minutes to a full hour, and are normally held weekly or fortnightly.

My goal is to provide the most effective psychological intervention to suit your needs.

I am an integrative psychologist and I offer short term and long term counselling.

In your initial assessment we will agree a treatment plan, which will include frequency and duration.

Entering into therapy may cause you worry but I will ensure that we make the process as supportive and effective as possible.

My therapeutic practice will always be in your best interests: prioritising your privacy, meeting therapeutic goals, and helping you find effective ways to manage your life and difficulties.